Designers and manufacturers of stone cutting and polishing machinery Farnese Australia was founded in 2000 by the Farnese family whose members have decades of combined professional experience and expertise in both the global stone industry and the local stone machinery manufacturing industry. We are the only designer and manufacturer of stone cutting and polishing machinery in Australia and our machines have found homes all over Australia, as well as New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Our range of machines caters to the diverse needs of the stone industry and it includes bridge saws, edge polishing machines and slab lifting equipment. Our International headquarters is located at Ingleburn, on the south western edge of Sydney, Australia. We also have an office and warehouse in Houston Texas.

Customer input and feedback are of the utmost importance to our designs. The best example of this has been the extremely popular Mitresaw. It was the first dedicated mitre saw on the market and is the most sold machine of its kind around the world today. This machine was designed as a direct need of many of our customers to be able to cut mitres on materials accurately and inexpensively. Most of our customers were having problems cutting mitres on the bridge saw. So a simple sketched was made on a laptop and rough production costs worked out for what became our most popular seller.

We have also manufactured many custom-made machines in the past for special purposes such as cutting fibre-cement panels, lightweight insulation panels and concrete blocks.

Farnese Australia started when 98 per cent of the equipment sold in Australia was European. A South Korean importer emerged on the scene and then a few machines were imported from China. Nonetheless, we have kept growing each year. We believe that the principal reason for this growth is that Farnese is a designer and manufacturer of its products. Knowing our products entirely, including every technical detail, gives us an advantage over the opposition. We believe that technical knowledge and support are crucial attributes of a reliable and trusted supplier, and that is what we always aim to be. We are very optimistic about the future as we know that we have extremely competitive products and reliable service.

Farnese Australia has been changing considerably over the years. We have expanded our range of machinery from the production of bridges saws (we make 4 different types) to CNC machining centres, lifting equipment, multi-edge polishers, dust extraction units and water recycling equipment. We have our main office in Sydney, but we also have partnered up with CMP in Victoria, TQ group in Western Australia and Proform in New Zealand. These partnerships have assured that we give our customers local support and service. We are resolved to provide the best support in Australia.